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Thailand :: Kanchanaburi
PictureHotel NameAreaStarting From
R.S. HotelR.S. HotelDowntownTHB 901
River Kwai Botanic GardenRiver Kwai Botanic GardenKwai NoiTHB 1,423
Aurora Resort KanchanaburiAurora Resort KanchanaburiKwai YaiTHB 2,549
Pavilion Rim Kwai ResortPavilion Rim Kwai ResortKwai YaiTHB 1,198
Pung-Waan Kwai Yai ResortPung-Waan Kwai Yai ResortKwai YaiTHB 1,495
Royal Riverkwai Resort & SpaRoyal Riverkwai Resort & SpaKwai YaiTHB 1,338
River Kwai HotelRiver Kwai HotelMuangTHB 807
The Cave Tarzan River Kwai ResortThe Cave Tarzan River Kwai ResortMuangTHB 1,249
Legacy River Kwai ResortLegacy River Kwai ResortMuang, Dan Makham TiaTHB 1,198
Dheva MantraDheva MantraMuang, ThamakhamTHB 3,144
Duenshine ResortDuenshine ResortMuang, ThamakhamTHB 1,003
Felix River KwaiFelix River KwaiMuang, ThamakhamTHB 2,026
Noblenight GuesthouseNoblenight GuesthouseMuang, ThamakhamTHB 425
U Inchantree KanchanaburiU Inchantree KanchanaburiMuang, ThamakhamTHB 1,699
Boutique Raft ResortBoutique Raft ResortSaiyokeTHB 1,827
Buri Tara Resort & SpaBuri Tara Resort & SpaSaiyokeTHB 1,189
Momchailai Forest RetreatMomchailai Forest RetreatSaiyokeTHB 1,359
Pung-Waan Kwai Noi ResortPung-Waan Kwai Noi ResortSaiyokeTHB 1,334
River Kwai Jungle RaftsRiver Kwai Jungle RaftsSaiyokeTHB 3,395
River Kwai ResotelRiver Kwai ResotelSaiyokeTHB 1,980
River Kwai Village HotelRiver Kwai Village HotelSaiyokeTHB 3,229
Saiyok River HouseSaiyok River HouseSaiyokeTHB 1,020
The Float House River KwaiThe Float House River KwaiSaiyokeTHB 4,053
Hin Tok River Camp @ Hell Fire PassHin Tok River Camp @ Hell Fire PassSaiyoke, Hell Fire PassTHB 3,866
Home Phutoey River Kwai ResortHome Phutoey River Kwai ResortSaiyoke, River KwaiTHB 1,835
Raya Buri ResortRaya Buri ResortTha Krandan - Si SawatTHB 1,602
Monsane River Kwai Resort And SpaMonsane River Kwai Resort And SpaThamuangTHB 1,062
Nakakiri Resort & SpaNakakiri Resort & SpaThongpaphumTHB 1,009
Phatad Valley HotelPhatad Valley HotelThongpaphumTHB 1,274
Mida Resort KanchanaburiMida Resort KanchanaburiWang dongTHB 1,811
Aek-Pailin River Kwai HotelAek-Pailin River Kwai HotelWangdongTHB 1,334
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